Thursday, March 15, 2012

En-Ar-Co White Rose Service Station, Indianapolis

Continuing the gas station theme from yesterday's post is another Pierre & Wright design from the 1930s. Just like yestderday's post about the Gulf station, we have no working drawings for the station in the Pierre & Wright collection but were able to find photographs in the collection of Fran Schroeder, an architect who worked for the Pierre & Wright firm over many years. We have numerous design drawings for variations of En-Ar-Co White Rose gas stations and service stations, but we didn't know if any of the designs had been built until we came across these photographs.

Does anyone know its location on Meridian Street and if it still stands?


  1. This looks like it was located on the southwest corner of Meridian Street and W. Fall Creek Pkwy. S. Drive. The 1925 Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Home is prominently shown just behind (I believe F&B was demolished in the early 1990s). The old St. Vincent's Hospital is also visible to the far right of the second photo...

    Fantastic site ... GREAT info!

  2. DannyE, thank you for your expertise and for taking the time to post such a helpful comment! It's comments like these that help us add information to our records for future researchers.