Thursday, November 7, 2013

New! Archives Research Award

The Ball State University Libraries and College of Architecture and Planning are proud to announce its first Archives Research Award to promote and recognize excellence in undergraduate and graduate student archival research at the College of Architecture and Planning. This award acknowledges a student who has demonstrated distinction through an academic project (including, but not limited to, thesis, design projects, creative writing, artwork, websites, and exhibits) that is based substantially on Drawings + Documents Archive materials. 

Serving on the Archives Research Award Committee are Karen Keddy, assistant professor in the Department of Architecture; Amy Trendler, architecture librarian; and Carol Street, archivist. Dr. Keddy describes the archives and new award as “CAP is very fortunate to have such an amazing resource as the archives within the building itself. This award is one more way to engage students in the exciting world of archival research. Not only does this award honor those students who already engage in outstanding archival research, but it is hoped that it will also serve to attract and motivate those students who have an interest in this type of research.” 

Any Ball State University undergraduate or graduate student studying Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Design, or Historic Preservation is eligible to receive this award. Since the academic project for which students will be considered for the award can be a creative project as well as a traditional writing project, we hope to receive a wide range of submissions that span across all of the disciplines here at the college.

Professors, please encourage your students to apply for this exciting new award. The members of the award committee are very much looking forward to seeing how students have been using the collections. Entry forms are available in the archives and on our website. The deadline to apply is March 1st.